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Full web pages load for each story

When choosing a story, the entire web page loads (inside the application). I thought it would just load the story in text (or with a picture). This increases load times, especially on Edge. The application does what it says, I just dont need all the overhead of an entire web page just to read a story.

Poorly Done App - No True Features

App just links to webpage in browser. Does not use rss feed to present news articles. You might as just use web clips. Not a true aggregate of news articles like an rss app. As a result, slow and clunky. Feeds limited to only five customizable sources. Why limit sources to five?? Dont buy this app; a waste of $2. App Probibly written in an afternoon.

Very poorly designed.. No real customization..

... Overpriced for what it does... Shame on Apple for not "policing" some of the crap that is being posted on their App site...

Nice and Smooth App

This app pulls from WSJ, Forbes, and other major news sources into an RSS type format. You can quickly browse all the headlines for a story that you want to read, click the headline for the story and be taken to the story within the actual webpage. People complain that the article simply loads on the original webpage, but like RSS feeders, that is a limitation of the Internet, not of the application. I had the free app for months and decided to support the devs because they actually update this and answer emails. Good job!

Perfect Application

I dont know why the bad reviews from some users; I honestly think this is an amazing application. I recommend this application, it is perfect! Specially for the iPhone 3G

Not worth it.

I wanted a news app. that I could rely on all the time for quick updates, and this Id just not it. It takes forever to load the whole story. I think the only thing good about this app. is that you can see all the top storys from a lot of locations. If your thinking about buying this app. dont, wait for a better one. Or use the free apps. For your news updates.

Very useful. Great for catching up on the days headlines.

Great app but...

This is an awesome news app, but needs to be updated for ios4 multitasking.

Does not work!!

App goes directly to a godaddy site saying there acct has expired.

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